Why PopUp?

The concept of pop-up retail has soared in popularity over the last number of years. Popups started as a trend, became a strategy for some and now their constant evolution and presence in shopping destinations across South Africa, and around the world, proves that they’re here to stay.

1. Pop up a shop to prototype

The most obvious reason to pop up a shop before opening a permanent store is so that you can see for yourself whether investing in a permanent retail destination will be worth it. You will quickly gain insight into the local market and opportunities for your brand and products to thrive. 

For startups, in these times of lean business modelling, popup shops allow you to ‘fail fast and succeed faster’. Popups can be used to test virtually anything – from a revamped marketing strategy to a new product or a potential new store location, or to unveil satellite concepts– in a low-risk setting. 

2. Take online business offline

Online retailers will benefit from a popup shops by enabling customers to touch and feel the products that they may only see online. Popups can aid in building trust with new clientele, especially those that  may still lack the confidence to buy online. 

There are a few examples of big global online retailers that have seen the value of popups, which emphasises how the concept has really gone mainstream. The most impressive example is of Amazon, the flag-bearer for online shopping, that operated almost 90 popups in the US for several years as part of a refocused retail strategy that will see it opening more physical Amazon Books stores, for example. 

3. Clear stock

Big brands and retailers use popup shops to move distressed stock by doing end of season popup clearance sales that will not interfere with their new lines in stores. Unsold inventory can burn a hole in company profits and is costly to keep on  warehouse shelves, while it continues to lose value as it gets older. A popup shop can be the perfect platform to give old stock a new life; and allow retailers to recoup what they can instead of taking a loss on it altogether.

4. Create an Experience

Probably the most important reason to be considering popping up a shop is to create a unique brand experience  –  one that sets you apart, creates or strengthens loyalty, and amplifies the  perception of your brand. Surveys show that South African shoppers are looking for enhanced customer service and experience.  The new generation shopper wants more than just stuff. 71% of millennials believe an enhanced retail experience would increase their store visits and purchases.

Why PopUp Shop Shop

The most innovative businesses in retail trust PopUp Shop Shop to facilitate their popups. We work with emerging retail talent and big brands looking for short term commercial leasing opportunities in South Africa. 

PopUp Shop Shop is a one stop shop for all you need to pop up. In addition to simplifying the process to find and secure short term leases, we’ve designed and packaged an essential PopUp Kit that includes shop-fitting for hire and purchase, and all the general store services (such as design, certified electrical, wet-works and handymen) you need to set up a shop, cost and time efficiently. 

We’ve established a network of property partners in key shopping destinations across South Africa that understands the value that popup stores. 



Thanks for connecting us to an opportunity that matched our business so well. We are grateful for the seamless experience. The Zone @ Rosebank was a great fit.

Khumo Khaole Director

Lola Lifestyle

Our popup was the biggest risk we had taken, as the financial investment was much more than we had laid out before. With PopUp Shop Shop’s guidance the process was smooth and really simple. We have learnt so much about our brand in a short space of time!

Lene Johnson Founder

Africa Your Time is Now

What a fantastic first two days of our popup at The Zone! The reception and vibe is just marvellous. We look forward to the months ahead. Thank you so much for everything.

Papama Ramogase Director

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