Find Your Space

Cape Town

Do you want to pop up in Cape Town? That’s a great idea! There are many great shopping destinations in the Mother City and surrounding suburbs that will expose your brand to diverse audiences and offer awesome sales opportunities.  


It’s always a good season to pop up in Johannesburg! A great place to hustle, where retail hardly sleeps. You’re sure to meet engaged and progressive shoppers by popping up in Joburg and the city’s neighbourhoods. 


We’ll help you find space to pop up in one of the fastest growing urban areas in the world. Durban is a fun place to be, and a great destination to grow your brand and boost sales by popping up in one of its fine malls. 


Popping up in Pretoria is a good idea for brands wanting to connect to Tshwane’s vibrant youth culture, a dynamic expat community and a discerning Afrikaans audience – a diverse mix of shoppers that you’re unlikely to meet anywhere else!