Pop Up in Johannesburg

Joburg means business, but it knows how to loosen its tie. This truly cosmopolitan African city, is South Africa’s largest city. It is the country’s business and retail capital and has an undeniable beat that’s quite contagious. Johannesburg is filled with citizens who are always on the move and looking out for new experiences.

Joburg’s Retail Scene

There are many urban and suburban neighbourhoods that make up the greater Johannesburg and people generally do spend a lot more time on the move here than anywhere else in the country. This creates even more opportunities for retail entrepreneurs to branch out, build brand awareness, drive sales and connect with new audiences by popping up a physical retail space where they expect their target customer to be.  

Johannesburg offers plenty of retail locations for brands planning a pop up shop to meet their market – from ‘on-street’ retail spaces in vibrant neighbourhoods with good foot traffic to vacant storefronts for short term pop up shops in busy shopping malls. Pop up shops are a cost effective approach for businesses that want to create the perfect space to bring their brand to life.

Be part of the hustle!

We’ll help you find the ideal location for your pop up shop in the buzzing capital of Gauteng. You’ll receive detailed information about locations and popup spaces, to help you decide.