Athi Health & Fitness

Athi Health and Fitness is a premium fitness, lifestyle and experience brand. All of their products are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

Their philosophy revolves around the belief that physical activity influences how individuals live, compete and succeed in life. Their attire aims to fit well, prevent injury, minimise restriction, regulate and control body temperature, improve performance, boost confidence and improve motivation for all customers.

Athi Health and Fitness offers high quality, durable activewear for runners, gym members, hikers and yoga fanatics as well as tailored casual wear for all audiences.

Athi helps their clients look good with clothing that fits comfortably and has strong functionality. This brand is passionate about health and fitness, and advocates for convenience, purpose, balance and self-expression.

Athi’s ideal customers are individuals who are active, driven, playful, self-assured and love to have fun. Those who exercise to keep fit and healthy, take pride in how they look, feel and present themselves.


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